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The Electro Switch Family of Industry Leading Brands

Both through internal growth and via acquisition, Electro Switch has assembled a group of companies with the ability to address the most challenging switching, monitoring and control applications worldwide.

Switches, Relays and
Battery Monitors

Utility / Industrial Military

Networked, Dimming, Advanced Lighting Controls

Utility Roadway / Commercial / Industrial

Long Life Lighting Controls and Contactors

Utility Roadway / Industrial

Switches and

Industrial / Aviation / Miliary

Joysticks and Keyboards

Medical / Aviation / Military

Digital and Rotary Switches

Military / Aviation


Military / Aviation / Space

Switches and Connectors

Industrial / Military


A complete line of switches, relays, power meters and battery monitors for the defense, industrial and electric power industries. These include an extensive portfolio of manual rotary switches, along with electrically activated switches and relays with capabilities for remote monitoring/reporting, proactive maintenance and inherent control/relay protection.

Utility Roadway / Commercial / Industrial

A proven innovator in outdoor lighting control providing solutions for roadway, commercial and industrial applications world wide. These include long life and smart dimming LED, networked wireless photocontrols for smart-grid applications, and a complete line of solutions for streetlight monitoring and control.

Utility Roadway / Industrial

Wherever control of outdoor lighting is needed, Ripley is there. A leader in the photocontrol industry for over 80 years that is still setting the quality criterion. Ripley designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions including LED long life photocontrols, Photoclock Dimming controls, accessories and lighting contactors.

Industrial / Aviation / Military

The leading provider of rotary switch solutions for a broad range of industrial and defense (Mil-spec) applications. The electronic and electromechanical portfolio has the widest offering of switches, encoders and solenoids that meet IP67 sealing requirements for harsh environments in aerospace, con-ag, transportation, medical, communications and more.

Medical / Aviation / Military

Inventors of the revolutionary LightStick® for high EMI environments, CTI has built a formidable portfolio of reliable and durable HMI devices to meet and exceed the demands of continuous operation in critical applications. OEMs rely on CTI for the utmost precision and long-term availability in industrial processing, medical imaging, military, off-road equipment and aerospace applications.

Military / AViation

Building on its proven Mil-spec digital switch technology, used worldwide in aerospace and military applications, Digitran set a new standard with its patented Very Low Profile (VLP®) products. With the lowest depth behind panel compared to similarly rated rotary switches — as low as 0.142" — VLP switches provide the needed functionality in the smallest space with the least possible weight.

Military / Aviation / Space

A supplier of choice for mission critical solutions, Betatronix offers a wide range of precision position-sensing products and custom potentiometers. Capable of enduring the most extreme technical and environmental conditions, Betatronix devices are serving the demands of industries including space, marine, aviation and defense.

Industrial / Military

CW Industries is a world-class manufacturer of high-performance switches, connectors and custom/contract components and assemblies. The company serves leading industrial, consumer and defense OEMs with a wide array of products. These include complex electromechanical slide, rocker and pushbutton switches, along with insulation displacement and Mil-spec connectors.